Board and Officers

Officers for the 2022–2023 Year


Terry Clower, George Mason University


Makena Coffman, University of Hawaii

Vice President:

Eric Heikkila, University of Southern California

Immediate Past President:

Richard Church, University of California, Santa Barbara

Executive Director:

Jaewon Lim, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Board of Directors

Martin Andersson, Lund University (ex officio, Annals editor)

Chang-Hee Christine Bae, University of Washington

Marlon Boarnet, University of Southern California

Mark Brown, Statistics Canada

John Carruthers, Cornell University

Sandy Dall’Erba, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Michel Dimou, Université de Toulon

Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute

Henk Folmer, University of Groningen

Janet E. Kohlhase, University of Houston (ex officio, Annals editor)

Brian H.S. Kim, Seoul National University (ex officio, Annals editor)

Yuri Mansury, Illinois Institute of Technology

Stein Østbye, University of Tromsø

R. Pete Parcells, Whitman College

Daoqin Tong, Arizona State University

Jouke van Dijk, University of Groningen

Ran Wei, University of California, Riverside

Richard Wobbekind, University of Colorado Boulder

Fellows of the WRSA

Rachel S. Franklin, Newcastle University

Lay James Gibson, University of Arizona

Michael Greenwood, Colorado University

Kingsley Haynes, George Mason University

Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

T. John Kim, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Theodore Lane, Thomas/Lane & Associates

Richard Morrill, University of Washington

Gordon Mulligan, University of Arizona

Jack Osman, San Francisco State University

Jean Paelinck, Erasmus University

David Plane, University of Arizona

Sergio Rey, University of California, Riverside

Hans Westlund, Royal Institute of Technology/Jönköping International Business School

Deceased Fellows of the WRSA

Antoine Bailly, University of Geneva

Martin Beckmann, Brown University

Arthur Getis, San Diego State University

Charles Leven, Washington University

Michael Mischaikow, Western Washington University

Frank Mittelbach, University of California, Los Angeles

Robert Monahan, Western Washington University

Anthony Pascal, The Rand Corporation

John Quigley, University of California, Berkeley

Harry Richardson, University of Southern California

Roger Stough, George Mason University

Waldo Tobler, University of California, Santa Barbara

WRSA PRSCO Councillors

Terry Clower

Lay James Gibson

Jaewon Lim

David A. Plane

WRSA’s NARSC Councillor

Jaewon Lim


NOTE: Click here for a complete listing of Past Presidents of the Association.