Regional Science Journals

The Annals of Regional Science (Published by Springer-Verlag; WRSA’s official journal; Edited by WRSA members Martin Andersson,; Eui-June Kim,; and Janet Kohlhase, Journal of Regional Science (Published by Blackwell Publishers; the first refereed regional science journal, begun in 1958; Edited by WRSA member, Marlon Boarnet, with Matthew Kahn, and Mark Partridge; e-mail:

International Regional Science Review (Published by Sage Publications; Edited by WRSA members Sergio Rey, Luc Anselin, and Alan Murray; e-mail:

Journal of Geographical Systems (Edited by WRSA member, Manfred Fischer and Antonio Paez, e-mail:

Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences (Edited by WRSA member, Henk Folmer and Amit Batabyal)

Geographical Analysis  (Published by Blackwell Publishers; Edited by WRSA member, Sergio Rey)

Journal of Transport and Land Use  (Edited by WRSA member David Levinson, email:

Studies in Regional Science (Edited by WRSA member Yoshiro Higano, e-mail:; Journal of the Japan Section of the RSAI)

Papers in Regional Science (The official journal of the Regional Science Association International; published by Blackwell Publishers)

Regional Science and Urban Economics (Published by North-Holland)

RURDS – Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies (Published by Blackwell Publishers)

Regional Studies (Journal of the Regional Sciences Association; published by Taylor & Francis)

Canadian Journal of Regional Science (Journal of the Canadian Regional Science Association)

Review of Regional Studies (Journal of the Southern Regional Science Association)

Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy (Journal of the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association)

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences (Published by Elsevier)

International Journal of Environmental Creation