Call for Papers for WRSA & PRSCO Joint Meeting 2020: Special Sessions in Honor of Roger Stough

As you may know, eminent regional scientist Roger Stough died in September 2019. He was important to the Western Regional Science Association (WRSA) for many reasons. He was a long-time editor of our journal the Annals of Regional Science, a Fellow of the WRSA and served as President of the WRSA in 2002. We invite you to submit a paper to be considered for inclusion in one of our special sessions honoring Roger Stough.  

To identify your paper for consideration for the special sessions, please add the following line to your title page “Paper for consideration to be included in the Special Sessions honoring Roger Stough at the WRSA-PRSCO meetings March 18-21, 2020.”

The WRSA website for submission is now open ( Short abstracts, as well as full papers (also in draft format), will be accepted for the Special Session. Full papers benefit from the traditional WRSA 45-minute per paper time slot. Submissions with abstracts only will be allocated a shorter time block. The submission deadline is December 15, 2019, for full-length original papers or abstracts.

Please submit your paper directly to the WRSA website as an individual paper. Also email a second copy of your papers and abstracts to the session organizers, Janet Kohlhase ( and Haifeng Qian ( Please put “WRSA Roger Stough special sessions” in the subject line of your email. If you have already submitted your paper or abstract through the WRSA online portal, please email a copy to the organizers noting your interest.

Selected papers from these sessions may be invited for publication in a special issue of the Annals of Regional Science, following standard review/revision procedures. Details about the special issue honoring Roger Stough will be forthcoming.

The abstracts/papers will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee and the notification of acceptance will be distributed by January 20, 2020.

Organizing committee:
For more information or questions please contact: Janet Kohlhase at the University of Houston ( or Haifeng Qian at the University of Iowa (

Areas of Interest
We are looking for academic papers that honor the work of Roger Stough. Authors may have ties with Roger or not. Former-students, co-authors, and colleagues are especially encouraged to participate. Topics are wide open in regional science, but as a guide consider that his research interests included entrepreneurship and innovation, science and technology policy, regional economic development, regional economic modeling, transport policy, and leadership and institutions.

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