New at WRSA – Professional Development Sessions for Graduate Students & Early Career Faculty

The 2020 meeting in Hawaii will have one Professional Development session specially targeted to the graduate students & the early-career faculty.

  • Graduate students will learn about:
    • Where to find information to apply for faculty and post-doctoral positions
    • What and what not to do during a job interview
    • How to discuss the terms of a work contract
  • Early career faculty will learn about:
    • Applying for grants
    • Building a research team and mentoring students
    • Keeping good teaching evaluations

We are open to the possibility of having another session dedicated to rehearsing job talks and practicing mock job interviews as well as advice about improving CV and application letter. If you are interested in these activities, please contact Sandy Dall’erba ( by January 5th.

In addition, the students will be able to participate in a Graduate Student Round Table Meeting designed to foster their national and international network and launch the WRSA student association.