2020 WRSA-PRSCO Joint MEETING in Hawaii is cancelled due to COVID-19


We regret to inform you that our 2020 WRSA-PRSCO Conference is cancelled. This has not been an easy decision.  Protecting the health of our members is our highest priority. Rapidly growing travel restrictions and health concerns have made it impossible to proceed with a viable meeting.  First, our colleagues in China have been restricted from travel.  Second, the US has restrictions in place for countries with Level 3 or 4 infections that include extra screening and possible quarantine.  Third, universities throughout the US are restricting non-essential travel.  As of yesterday, most campuses of the University of California system, the California State University system, the Ohio State system, as well as USC, Purdue, and ASU have imposed bans on both international and domestic travel for non-essential purposes.  Under these conditions, it is no longer possible to proceed with the conference.


What are the next steps? 

First, we advise that you cancel your hotel reservations as soon as possible.  We are in discussions with the hotel over the cancellation policy for our case.

Second, for those of you who were planning a Hawaiian vacation and would like to proceed with your plans, the hotel will respect the negotiated room rate.  Please note that your travel is by your own choice, and WRSA has no responsibility for interrupted travel plans or health problems.

Third, over the weekend we withdrew our regular cancellation policy and committed to full refunds of the registration fee for those who wished to cancel.  We will continue to honor full refunds, less the annual membership fee.  However, the cancellation of the conference comes with a large financial penalty that will have a serious impact on WRSA’s resources.  We, therefore, encourage you to consider donating the registration fee to WRSA. Please be patient with the refund process. It will take at least about a week.


Finally, over the next few weeks, the WRSA Executive Committee and Board will address how to manage awards, the installation of the new president, and plans for our future meetings.


Thank you for your understanding.




Genevieve Giuliano
60th President, WRSA

Janet Kohlhase
President-elect, WRSA

Jaewon Lim
Executive Director, WRSA